GIA Certified Diamonds

Exquisite Gemstones

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America and is a nonprofit gem research institute dedicated to providing a variety of gem grading and identification reports. It is undeniably recognized within the jewelry industry and is regarded as the most accurate and unbiased opinion in grading diamonds. The experts at our Glendale pawn shop have studied at GIA and are graduates in both the diamond and colored stone grading programs.

GIA developed the International Diamond Grading System that uses the following:

  • Cut – How well the diamond’s facets interact with light.
  • Clarity – The amount of inclusions and blemishes divided into 11 specific grades.
  • Color – The clarity of the stone on a scale from D to Z.
  • Carat Weight – The measurement of weight in milligrams.

The four “C”s of diamond quality is the universal method for assessing diamonds making it a language within itself. At Glendale Jewelry and Loan, our customers know what they are purchasing. Call us at (818) 243-2900 to learn more about our selection of GIA Diamonds.

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